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Kenny Cox

(Songwriter, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin

 Banjolin, Octave Mandolin & Vocals)


Kenny Cox was born in Tampa & his family moved to Texas when he was a young child.  They lived right next to the church where his father was preacher and Kenny had access to a full drum set and other musical instruments when he was only six years old.  As was the family tradition he learned to sing and play music right there in that church.  Years later he became  an in demand "singing drummer" in Nashville.  It was there Kenny caught the eye of the legendary singer/songwriter Verlon Thompson who helped pave his way into the singer/songwriter genre.  So he added guitar to his list of instruments and became a triple threat in the studio and on stage.  He also toured playing drums for the legendary Steve Forbert a major recording artist in the 80s. In Ft. Myers Kenny played drums & toured with Dan Morgan for several years before forming the long running popular band "Both Hands".  Recently he fronts the trio "The Kapo Kings" where Kenny exhibits his formidable skills as a frontman.  In 2012 after a chance meeting with Rick Russell while both playing sidemen roles at a local show, a close friendship began and Kenny joined Stringtown in November 2012.  Since his time in the Stringtown family he has evolved into the role of co-arranger and is responsible for all the harmony arrangements that have become a trademark of the band's sound. Kenny was co-producer/engineer/mixer on the last two live CDs.  A crowd favorite, he is a powerful musical and spiritual influence in the Stringtown family, in summer 2015 Kenny & Rick formed a duo called Big Sky (named after Kenny's ranch).  Every March he hosts the Big Sky Fest featuring Verlon Thompson & Friends.


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