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 The Stringtown project originated during the spring of 2009. 

Rick Russell imagined a way to translate the kinship like minded musicians and their families

held  towards one another into the music they create and in turn bring to their audience.

Sharing an honest celebration of life & “the beat” are true pathways to joy and satisfaction of the soul.

So through spirited performances and a mutual love of writing and recording in the studio, here we are.


We are in this moment together searching for the perfect song, performance and recording.

The journey has been incredibly rewarding to say the least so welcome to our world if you are reading this the first time!

The family has evolved over the years and the core of the group has never felt better.


       Rick Russell - Guitars, Mandolin, Banjo, Resonator Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Keyboards, Bass,  & Vocals                  

Tracey Mosley - Bass, Keyboards, Guitar & Vocals

Danny Shepard  Guitars, Vocals

Mike Schankman  Drums & Vocals

Kenny Cox - Guitars, Drums, Mandolin, Banjo, Keyboards, Bass,  & Vocals

Jeff Brunderman - Guitar & Vocals


Some shots from Rick's Electric Loom Studio




About Us The Band Music Video Gallery Schedule Home


Contact:   rickrussell@embarqmail.com   Phone:  239~994~7162